Why Choose Us

The roofing business is plagued by a bad reputation based on the actions of dishonest contractors in the past. Elevated Commercial Roofing is committed to raising the standards for the roofing industry by adhering to the following traits: We are in the people business. We take good care of our employees as a family because we know in turn, they will take care of you. We maintain a permanent place of business that is always staffed during business hours. Our clients always know where to find us and we respond to queries in a timely manner. Our crews have expert knowledge of roof systems and stay up-to-date on new techniques and products. We use technology anywhere it can give you, the customer, an edge – not because it’s cool (although that can be a fun benefit). We maintain professional affiliations with industry organizations such as the Better Business Beareau. Commitment to Continuous SAFETY and EDUCATION are paramount to our success. We are fully licensed in accordance with state and local regulations. We provide transparent, written proposals before any work begins. We are committed to having our clients understand the work and pricing for each roofing job we complete. ALL of Our projects are covered by warranties – backed by both us and the manufacturer. We maintain records of our completed projects and make them readily available to potential clients. We have excellent reviews on the Better Business Bureau website and positive testimonials from past customers. We provide on-site supervision for all projects to maintain quality control and progress. We offer professional maintenance programs with periodic maintenance inspections to ensure your project complies with the standards specified in the warranty.


We're Different


We go the extra mile for your family, providing you with unparalleled professional service. For example:

  • Some roofing companies leave a mess in your yard and property for you to clean up after they leave. We’re different.We take great care in making sure your lawn, flowers, plants, walkways, driveways, and other important areas of your home are protected while we’re fixing your roof.
  • The process of roofing a home (especially when replacing a roof, as the old shingles are torn off) can create a mess. Some roofers wait until the end of the entire project to clean up. We’re different. At the end of each workday, we make sure the area we’ve been working in is completely cleaned.
  • Some roofing companies quickly leave the job site as soon as the roof is complete. We’re different. We make sure all nails and other roof-related metal objects are picked up by high-powered magnets that we roll over your lawn, garden, and driveway areas. You won’t have to worry about getting a flat tire on your car just because you had your roof repaired!

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